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Piano Teaching Methods & Music Theory

When it comes to piano lessons, there are dozens of outstanding methods for teaching to play as well as for explaining theory and technique. The teachers at Carolyn Klinger-Kueter Music Studio keep up to date on the latest ones in print.

Using the Most Suitable Method

Each of our students is taught using the method that works best for him or her. We have a collection of piano teaching methods spanning 50 years. The methods we use include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Agay
  • Ahearn
  • Alfred
  • Bastien
  • Carl Fisher
  • Faber
  • Music Tree
  • Orff
  • Pace
  • Schaum
  • Schirmer
  • Suzuki
  • Thompson
  • Waxman

According to the student's preference, we supplement all lessons with pieces from jazz, popular, classical, modern, Broadway, seasonal, duets, new age, blues, oldies, and more.

Hands on Piano

Music Theory & Technique

Our teachers introduce theory and technique at each lesson in accordance with the level at which the student is currently learning. The most important factor is that whatever the student is playing must be musical: even if it's a 2-note phrase.

Collaborative Teaching

All of our teachers instruct independently; however, we do meet once or twice a week in Westfield, New Jersey, to discuss our students and how they are progressing. This special time is perfect for asking for advice when needed and picking up new ideas.