Carolyn Klinger-Kueter Music Studio

424 St Marks Ave, Westfield NJ 07090

(908) 233-9094

Hands-On Piano Recording Technology

Recording during piano lessons is a useful tool. It helps students improve their performance and sharpen listening skills. Teachers also make CDs for demonstration purposes; they act as guides for students to use when practicing at home.

Studio Microphone and Mixing Board

Our Recording Equipment & Tools

Carolyn Klinger-Kueter Music Studio uses software from ProTools to Digital Performer. We record in MIDI or from our Baldwin and Steinway grand pianos by using professional cardioid condenser microphones with an analog to digital interface in our Westfield, New Jersey, studio.

Student Crafted CDs

Students have opportunities to create their own professionally mastered CDs, from recording to cover design. These CDs are of high quality and can be used for college entrance applications, auditions, gifts, and keepsakes.