Carolyn Klinger-Kueter Music Studio

424 St Marks Ave, Westfield NJ 07090

(908) 233-9094

Piano Recitals & Events

Carolyn Klinger-Kueter Music Studio holds five events throughout the year to encourage students to perform for others and build their confidence. It's an opportunity to hear and be heard and make new friends along the way.


At our Halloween event, students and teachers dress in costumes and get to know one another in a fun and informal atmosphere.


The second event is our Holiday party when the students invite their siblings. It's a joy to see them dressed up in their very best. Piano students bring homemade cookies for refreshments.

Valentine's Day

The Valentine's party is a favorite amongst many of our staff. Students invite adult friends (e.g., mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, teachers, neighbors, grandparents, mentors, etc.). This party has a more subdued and sophisticated ambiance, but is no less charming than parties earlier in the year.


Our Irish/Spring themed party is an opportunity for students to have best friends join in for a great time.

Final Recitals

By now, the audience has expanded from that of our first get-together to performances for parents and peers. We hold six piano recitals in Westfield, New Jersey; each one has a small number of guests. Great care is taken to allow performers and their families (especially grandparents) to participate with others who are friends.